New evening courses in 2018!

We've been hard at work developing a new programme of evening courses that will be kicking off in January 2018! We've got more exciting courses than we have hours in the day for so we'd love your help in deciding where to start. Check out the provisional course list below and then use our form to let us know what interests you most. You can also make suggestions for other courses you'd like to see at the MOH in the future :)


The Science of Happiness
Did you know that happiness is a skill that can be learnt? In this 4 week course we explore the science behind happiness. All content is research-based with practical exercises that can convince even the most sceptical minds!

Would you like to learn more about mindfulness? Are you looking for more stillness and silence in your life, but can’t seem to switch off? Join our 6 week mindfulness course where we explore different mindfulness techniques including meditation.

Beginners Yoga
Interested in the benefits of yoga but don’t know where to start? Feel intimidated when you enter into a yoga class? Try our beginners yoga course. 4 weeks exploring the asanas (yoga positions) and the philosophy behind each one as we learn about ourselves and connect with each other in a safe, warm and happy environment.  

Stress Management and Resilience
Are you feeling stressed, overwhelmed or like you can’t cope? You may find this course is really helpful. We explore the science behind stress, our attitudes towards stress and we explore different stress-management techniques where you build your own unique stress management plan.

Do you often doubt yourself? Would you like to feel more confident? This 6 week course looks at different techniques we can use to build confidence and self-esteem. Content includes understanding our inner critic, identifying our strengths, communicating with ease and understanding our feelings and emotions.

Would you like to delve a little deeper into your gratitude practice? This 4 week course is designed for gratitude-lovers as well as those who struggle a little with getting into their gratitude groove. We will explore different gratitude techniques and the science behind them. A course with powerful benefits that might surprise you!

Transcend the Mind
Learn how to be the best version of yourself through chi-gong, mindfulness and improv sessions. Learn how to be in the moment, find stillness, make new connections with others and step outside your comfort zone. This course is a great confidence-builder!

Laughter Yoga Leader Training
Do you love laughter yoga? Would you love to teach laughter yoga? In this fun-filled weekend we train you up to be a laughter yoga leader. Whether you’re a laughter blaster or a silent shaker, this training is sure to get you going!

Self-compassion Yoga
Would you like to have a kinder relationship with yourself and your body? Do you find that you’re beating yourself up or comparing yourself to others on a regular basis? Then maybe this 6 week self compassion course is just what you need. Using yoga and meditation we explore different self-compassion yoga techniques, to help you to transition your mindset from inner critic to inner coach. All skill levels welcome - whatever your previous experience of yoga, we'll be able to suit your needs!

Want to become a master of the uke? Then join our 4 week ukulele course! This course is designed for absolute beginners with no previous musical experience. In a comfortable and friendly environment, you'll be playing catchy tunes in not time and will learn a repertoire that will entertain yourself and your friends for life!  

Health, food and mood
We're all aware that the food we eat affects our health but did you know it also has a major influence on our mood? This course explores the foods that can make you feel good while helping you to avoid foods that can make you feel low. It's packed with practical tips and techniques as well as some yummy scrummy recipes full of secret ingredients!

Let us know which courses interest you most!

It'll help us to decide which courses to schedule first and we'll let you know when booking opens for any courses you pick :)

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