Invite the Museum of Happiness to Your Organisation!

Imagine if we transformed one of your rooms into a Museum of Happiness. Colourful decorations, information about the science of happiness and blackboards for staff to share what happiness means to them.

Visualise a timetable of playshops from singing to dancing, laughter yoga to meditation, colouring in to mindful origami.

Happiness is great for workplace success. Loads of research proves happiness boosts productivity, creativity, communication and...profit too!

Here's how it works:

Step 1. Get in touch with us to organise initial meeting with the decision maker who has control of the budget. This is important otherwise we find everyone's time can get wasted and we don't want that! 

Step 2. We come along to the meeting, share what would work best with your organisation and give you an idea of the kind of investment required to cover the costs.

Step 3. We curate and prepare for the event, and transform one of your rooms into a Museum of Happiness! Ideally you'll allow us to decorate the room and have some displays about science of happiness and allow us to play some music and make some noise! No point going half hearted if we do this! 

Step 4. The day before the event, or at least for a few hours before the event, our team transforms the allocated room into a Museum of Happiness. We make sure everything is set up safely and according to any policies you may have. 

Step 5. Your staff come in and have a wonderful time doing everything from laughter yoga to meditation, yoga to dancing, and much more. We can offer the experience to hundreds or even thousands  of staff in one day. A great, unique experience for your company. 

Step 6. We are a nonprofit. Any profit we make from event goes back into the Museum of Happiness so we can offer more low cost or free events to the general public and spread happiness to more people, worldwide! Everyone's a winner. 

Email us with subject 'Happiness at work' or call Teresa on 0207 060 3392 today to move onto the next step! :-)