Lovely testimonials about our Museum of Happiness

I arrived from Belgium in September 2016 and heard about the MoH's Friday meditation classes a few weeks later. I haven't missed a class since and have regularly attended new ones: singing, art, yoga, various workshops... I find myself there almost every day of the week, and I am so sad when it's closed on mondays! Just by popping in, you'll find a smiling faces and a renewed sense of wonder. I’ve made wonderful friends at the MoH, who make it less difficult to be away from home in such a big city. It also reassures my parents when I tell them that I'm going to the MoH after work, they know I'm in good hands! I think there, you can discover something about yourself that is waiting for a chance to bloom. But it's much more than classes and workshops... to me with the MoH comes a sense of belonging. Everyone is welcome, encouraged in letting go of their fears and inner barriers, and release their creativity. Every time I go, I meet new people, who like me come back again and again! It is a calm and peaceful place in the heart of London, that brings out your playfulness and energy... especially after work (I work in an office)! I've been more than happy to volunteer when I could, and I am so grateful that after only a few months I feel that I am part of the "Happy family". Sometimes newcomers even think that I work there now... I've brought people from work or random strangers to the museum, and I can't wait for it to grow, so that more people can join our community and advocate kindness, openness and gratitude.

Medhia Diab
My heart has started to feel warmer and warmer since going to the MOH. I go to the singing lessons, yoga and meditation every week.

This place allows me to be myself, to express my dreams, to say them out loud, I make new friends and can really just be myself without any judgment. Now I am learning to be kinder to myself. I am practising mindful self-compassion. Andit works, it really works. I feel at so at home.

I was aware that a few years ago I got lost somewhere along my own way. Although I know that I am taking actions to get back to my true self, I missed a community place where to build positive relationships. But now I’ve found it! The MOH really provides me with that and I’m so grateful! It's a place where I receive so much support, friendship and I can also be express myself and be silly. There's magic, there's connection and there’s so much love. And I can do anything when there is Love and support in my life. I’m so grateful, this place has made a huge difference to my life.

Maddelena Tralli

Chi Phan