About us


Shamash Alidina

Shamash is co-founder of the Museum of Happiness. He is also author of the book Mindfulness for Dummies and founder of Teach Mindfulness and Happier World Conference, and loves Kindfulness. 



Victoria Johnson

Victoria is co-founder and works full-time at the Museum of Happiness. She was a senior mentor at NCS The Challenge - the UK's leading charity for young people. She gives talks, keynotes and workshops on happiness & well-being, and loves gratitude.


Core volunteer team

Yvonne - Our great friend and non-executive director Yvonne has been gifting us her time, knowledge and wisdom over the last year very generously. Yvonne is a keen Zen practitioner and a member of the Community of Interbeing, started by Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh. She has coached over 2000 social enterprises and SMEs over the years, so we feel very lucky to have her on our team. Yvonne also runs the Zen of Business together with Shamash.

Kush - Kush is a strategic consultant and has been advising us on our growth and strategy. He's a keen meditator and has done many 10 day silent retreats!

Asia - Asia is a corporate lawyer and has been so generously helping us with all the decisions that go with running our Museum.

James Light - James has been one of our most generous volunteers. He's helped us with creating amazing films, building our ball pit and generally being a positive force for good. Check out his films and channel online - it's very inspiring!

Chi Phan - Chi is awesome! She has been volunteering for the Museum of Happiness after attending one of our first events. She's also a brilliant coach, consultant and strategist, and helped launch both our major event at Spitalfields, and our fundraiser and sister organisation, Happier World Conference.