Our latest event on 20th March 2016 in London

Mindful Bollywood at our last event

Mindful Bollywood at our last event

Ticket link: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/lets-celebrate-un-international-day-of-happiness-tickets-21635409091?aff=eiosprexshreclip&ref=eiosprexshreclip

Enjoy Energising and Calming Ways to Happiness and make some nice friends along the way: Broadcasting LIVE from London to the World!

Join us to celebrate United Nations International Day of Happiness in The Canvas Cafe, London’s first Happy Cafe!

Choose any two workshops which we will have running from dawn till dusk! Take your pick from whatever you fancy…

There’s yoga, dancing, laughter yoga, meditation, generosity and connection exercises, poetry, gratitude, self-compassion, pay-it-forward exercises...the list goes on!

When you arrive, you’ll be greeted with a smile from one of our kind volunteers. Make your way downstairs a few minutes before your workshop starts to ensure you get your place.

Some workshops are calming and relaxing, cultivating a sense of contentment. Others are energetic, playful and uplifting.

Lots to choose from on a jam-packed Funday…I mean Sunday!

Don’t worry if you find it daunting, or don’t enjoy the experience - if you decide it’s not for you, you’re welcome to leave at any point. So no harm in giving it a try!

Please note there are limited tickets: We will only be releasing 30 tickets for each workshop on a first-come, first-served basis.

Please only book two tickets which includes Karma Kitchen. This helps to ensure as many people as possible get to experience the event.

Proposed Timetable

Here’s the timetable we have organised at present. Note that all workshops are subject to some change and adjustment. Check this listing for the latest updates. :)

6am - Happy Yoga with Rosa Connor

7am - Guided Kindfulness Meditation with Shamash Alidina

8am - Laughter Yoga - Eva Provedel

9am - Gross National Happiness Talk and Workshop with Felipe

10am - Happiness, Poetry and Your Purpose - Chris Paradox

11am - Singing with Cleo Lane - Organised by Antidote

12 noon - Pimp Your Life with Positive Actions with Andy of Focallocal (finishes about 12.30pm)

1pm - Karma Kitchen - Pay-it-forward vegetarian lunch experience!

2pm - Karma Kitchen - Pay-it-forward vegetarian lunch experience!

3pm - The Power of Gratitude with Vicky Johnson

4pm - Happiness and Rituals with Tiu De Haan

5pm - Laughter Yoga with Melanie Bloch (50 mins)

5pm or 5.30pm - Happiness Flashmob Open to All! A chance to gather with like-minded Londoners and spread some happiness to the general public in a fun way.

6:30pm - Panel Discussion - ‘What Does Happiness Mean to You?’ Discover what happiness means to different members of the panel, and then attendees can share their views. Organised by The Canvas Cafe.

Next steps

  1. Register for a maximum of two x 1-hour sessions that you’ll definitely attend, which includes one Karma Kitchen if you select that. Choose whichever two slots that you want. You can spread them out as much or as little as you want. Eg. back to back: 6am and 7am. Or spread them out eg. 1pm and 4pm.

  2. Register for the public International Happiness Day Gift Mob. We are not officially hosting this...just going with the flow! Gathering at 17:00 outside Canvas Cafe, the flash mob (gift mob) leaves at 17.30 from under the bridge at Wheler St, near Boxpark and just off of Brick Lane (and if its raining we'll just make a party under there). Register the ticket for that below and we’ll send more info if there's any changes. A chance to come together with other Londoners and share happiness, kindness and smiles by gifting hugs, smiles, conversation and more. Check out this list of positive kind action suggestions from our friend Andy of Focallocal so you know what to bring along.

What if I can’t make it? Can I join in online, live?

Yes!  As we are now a community of thousands of people and growing internationally, we’ve decided to stream the whole day ONLINE as a GIFT from us all to you!

So if you want to watch what’s going on on the day, just register a online ticket for the online event using eventbrite, and we’ll email you a link to be able to watch!

Join us from anywhere in the world! If that doesn’t make you smile…what will?!!!

If you book the online ticket, you’ll get an email about 24 hours before the event starts with details of how to join in…and even if you can’t watch it live, we’ll make the videos available after the event.

Technology doesn’t always work - so please be patient with us if it doesn’t work out...we’ll try our best!

If anyone wants to help us out and film the whole thing and live steam it to the world, please contact us! Our usual volunteer camera guys can't make it for the full day :)

What can I do between workshops?

The event space is downstairs and the cafe will be running as normal upstairs. So please consider purchasing a meal or drink in The Canvas Cafe and support Ruth and her team.

The Canvas Cafe is a non-profit organisation just like us, that supports events in emotional health and well being, and depends upon your support to keep sharing the love.

The Canvas Cafe is donating the space for the event and hiring extra staff to ensure things go smoothly. So please remember not to bring in any outside food or drink, and help support our cause by purchasing something from the cafe - whatever you can afford would be much appreciated.


I’m a bit shy or on my own…should I still come?

Yes, why not? You can come in for just one workshop - whichever one that sounds nice to you. Get it quick before it sells out! And then maybe have a coffee, do a bit of colouring in and be on your way! Or who know, maybe you might getting chatting to someone and make a new friend. If you don’t try, you’ll never know. So have a go…and if you’re really nervous, come and talk to Shamash/Vicky/Kieran who run Museum of Happiness or Ruth the cafe owner - they are really nice and friendly...that’s us! :)

Why can I only choose 2 x 1 hour sessions?

We have a community of thousands of people….so we want to ensure that more than just a handful of people get to experience this unique fun-packed day. You could choose 2 workshops in a row…or why not spread them out throughout the day? That way you can hang out with us, make new friends or chat to old friends and generally have a lovely day.

How do you manage to run these events for free?

This is a gift from our heart to yours. We have all donated our time and money and experience to bring this event to London. If you’re moved to do so, consider donating to us and/or making a purchase at the cafe. Thanks so much for considering to come along! If the experience lifts your spirit and helps you to share that with others, we’re honored to have played our part in that process.

What is the Museum of Happiness?

You can find out more about The Museum of Happiness here.

What's the hashtags for the event?

#InternationalDayOfHappiness and #MoHLondon or #MuseumofHappiness