Exciting news!

Just wanted to share a happy photo and news with you today.

We have our pop up launch at the British Museum this morning and it was an instant sell out! We've got the public meditating, practising compassion, singing, dancing, generously donating, laughing and being kind and playful - a fantastic launch!


And were very pleased to have our two special guests join us: none other than HH The Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu! See them in the photo?

The Dalai Lama's team heard about us when someone spotted our idea on Sky News back in January. They mentioned it to him and he's been keen to support it ever since then.

Apparently the Dalai Lama now has an iPhone and immediately texted his friend Tutu to join him...some say he even Facetimes Heads of State.

'There's too much focus on money, isn't it? More needs to be done to cultivate warm heartedness - the pillar of a happy and healthy life. Very pleased with this initiative. I'm pleased MoH are focusing on mindfulness, community and compassion - and also some funfulness...playfulness...not sure how you say it!' - and then he burst into laughter in true Dalai style.

The pop up will be touring Paris, New York, Hong Kong and then, believe it or not, with a special partnership with The NASA Education Project, the Museum of Happiness may by the first museum to open up on the moon!

Rocketeer Elon Musk who designed both Tesla and Space X also made a comment: 'If I was to open one museum, it'd be museum of happiness not on the moon, but Mars. Mars is our only hope for a happy and peaceful future - so it makes sense to open this concept over there first. Then any possible alien visit (although a long shot) would know that we value happiness and peace more than just money and wars and science. It'd be a great statement from humanity to any alien visit. I'm in!'

All this may seem quite far fetched...but then again, why not! If you have any ideas for how we'd design a Museum of Happiness on Mars, or even the Moon, please send your ideas through. We will share your pictures on social media.

Sending peace, love and happiness from planet earth!

Shamash and MoH team!

PS - if you wish to visit us at the British Museum today, reply with the subject 'I love April Fools', ideally with a drawing of your designs for Mars and we'll see what we can do. Even the Prime Minister didn't get in, so it's going to need some high quality drawings, people!