I am pleased to announce Ajahn Brahm has agreed to be Patron of the Museum of Happiness!

The life of Ajahn Brahm

Ajahn Brahm was born and brought up in a simple government council flat in London. He went on to graduate in theoretical physics at Cambridge University. After one year as a school teacher, he decided to visit Thailand and become a monk, expecting to be a monk for just a year or two.

Ajahn ended up becoming student to one of the most famous monks in modern times - Ajahn Chah - and has been a monk for over 43 years!

After many years living in the forests of Thailand, studying under Ajahn Chah, and sleeping on the ground, along with poisonous snakes and spiders as companions, he was sent to Perth to open up a monastery.

They start with nothing, could only eat whatever was gifted to them in their bowls by the locals, and gradually built up a monastery. They now have one of the most popular Buddhist organisations in the world, the Buddhist Society of Western Australia.

Ajahn Brahm is well-respected, even by Presidents!

Ajahn Brahm wisdom is valued by many. He has advised presidents and senior leaders all over the world, has spoken at Facebook and Google in Silicon Valley and has even been invited to meet the Queen of England!

His YouTube channel has been viewed tens of millions of times. Despite all this, he sleeps in a simple cave in Perth on the floor, has no money or bank account and has been teaching meditation for over 40 years around the world.

Ajahn Brahm is also known for his beliefs in equity. He stands up for gay rights, welcoming them to his monastery, and also for women to have equal status as nuns in his tradition. In fact he's currently fundraising to open a nuns monastery in the UK.

Ajahn Brahm and Kindfulness

Ajahn Brahm first taught me about Kindfulness and agreed to contribute to the world's first and only Kindfulness online course.

As Ajahn Brahm is known for his knowledge of mindfulness, for his great compassion and wisdom and for his playful attitude and funny jokes, we feel he is the ideal person to be Patron for our organisation as we work with you to create a happier, kinder and more playful world together.


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