Three friends have started the world's first Museum of Happiness in London! 

The museum is a place that nurtures communities, where people of all ages and backgrounds come together to explore the science of happiness and ways to look after their emotional wellbeing.

Their founders, Shamash, Vicky and Rosa drew inspiration from a wonderful volunteer organisation called Service Spaceand charity Action for Happiness, whose patron is the Dalai Lama.

Before they started their project, they spent weeks developing their core values, which are:  Community, Kindness, Creativity and Mindfulness.

Vicky, Rosa and Shamash previously worked with young people for many years and were struck by the levels of unhappiness and high levels of poor mental health within young people in the UK.

The three of them believe they were brought together by love and felt a strong desire to serve and try and make the world a happier, kinder place.

They could see four key challenges and set to tackle with their values: 

  1. Poor mental health
  2. Loneliness
  3. Lack of compassion for self and others
  4. Lack of meaning

The Museum of Happiness was just an idea two years ago and has now helped thousands of people all over the world!

Their classes include: meditation and mindfulness, to laughter yoga, art therapy, free listening, gratitude bingo, inspiring talks, mindful yoga, self-compassion meditation and bollywood dancing!

The combination of uplifting and calming classes run by volunteers seems to work well to build the community.

People from all walks of life from corporates, to homeless people, young people, to the elderly all coming together as a community to help one another. They explore the meaning of life, learn ways to look after their emotional wellbeing and practise kindness and generosity. 

Many events at the Museum have been on a pay it forward basis. The Museum gifts the venue, the teachers gift their time and attendees are encouraged to pay it forward in a kind gesture to a loved one or a stranger.  

The team have been gifting their time in schools and homeless hostels and the results have been so positive, that they have been invited to move in on site at Europe’s largest homeless hostel in Camden, Arlington House, to continue spreading these seeds of love.

Arlington House has been housing the homeless since 1905. Their mission is not just to house the homeless, but to help them break the cycle of homelessness. They see the museum as a way to help their residents build emotional wellbeing and resilience.

The museum is currently crowdfunding to open the world's first dedicated Museum of Happiness within the hostel, meaning the team will be working with very vulnerable adults, helping them to rebuild their lives and integrate them back into a supportive community.  

The Museum will also very much be open to the general public to ensure it’s sustainable and offer a sanctuary of peace for all to enjoy.

You are welcome to join their movement for a happier, kinder and more playful world and volunteer with the Museum of Happiness. 

For more details you can visit their website Museum of Happiness.

Their mission is to spread to all cities in the world that wants one. So far, they’ve popped up in Kathmandu, Singapore, Bournemouth, Manchester, Sydney and Vancouver soon! 

Here's to creating a happier, kinder and more playful world together!