July News Recap

We have SO much exciting news!

Deep breath. Here it goes!

Crowdfunder success

Many thanks once again for those of you who contributed to the crowdfunder.

We’ve both had a chance to re-energise, re-group and are starting to put together all the rewards you ordered. We hope to get them to you by the end of August, if not before. Thank you for your patience.

Progress in our new Camden space

We’re currently working with a fantastic and generous interior designer Grigoriou interiors, who specialise in design for wellbeing and sustainability, and are super excited to reveal our interior to you soon!

We are designing the space to create a nature-like vibe, as most people agree - nature makes people often feel happy quite naturally.

Brand new Breathworks Mindfulness for Stress low cost 8 week course in Shoreditch

There will be very limited spaces available on a first come, first served basis. These courses are usually more expensive, but here’s your chance to get registered at a lower price.

Any queries please phone Tareshvari on 07570802591 or send email MFSHappiness@gmail.com (PLEASE NOTE: Tareshvari is away until 13th August so if you have queries she will get back to you then).

Changes in our Shoreditch space

The Canvas Cafe, who generously allowed us to launch and transform their store room into our first permanent museum are now going to rebrand the space as The Canvas Community Hub. The Museum of Happiness will continue to run some sessions there, along with a host of many other organisations too. So look out for even more wellbeing related activities in there.

Museum of Happiness in Sydney

The world’s biggest conference is called Happiness and Its Causes and it runs in Sydney. We were invited there to run a pop-up Museum of Happiness over two days. We had so much fun. And our co-founder Shamash gave keynote talks on Kindfulness and The Mindful Way Through Stress.

We discovered so many new things about happiness. We will share our learnings in a whole separate blog post for you.

World's happiest human becomes a Museum of Happiness patron!

Whist we were in Sydney, we met the so called world’s happiness human, Matthieu Ricard.

We’re not really sure what the rule is with patrons...so when we got the chance to meet Matthieu Ricard, we’re pleased to say he too is happy to be a Patron of our Musuem of Happiness. With Matthieu dubbed by the media as the world’s happiest human being, we’re super happy he said yes!

Network of Wellbeing retreat/conference event

Our friends over at the Network of Well Being are organising a cool event in Hawkwood College. I’ve been there before - it’s beautiful and well worth the trip! Shamash will be speaking there and the Museum team will be around too! Book tickets and see details here.

Want to teach happiness classes?

Join our innovative new program starting in the Autumn and have the benefit of being amongst the first Museum of Happiness trained Happiness teachers in the world!