As found in the longest study on happiness, the one thing which keeps us healthy and happy is relationship. Some of us are lucky to have supportive friends and family through the natural course of life. For the less fortunate, good relationships take a little more searching and cultivating.

I went through years of feeling stuck and hopeless in an unfulfilled life because there was no one around me who “got it”. The world I found myself in was run by pursuits which did not bring me the satisfaction it did others. I felt utterly alone in the belief that something was wrong with me.

It was only when I stepped out of my social circle that I learnt of a world where I was not the odd one out! Friendship in this new space blossomed effortlessly and filled me with endless positivity. One helpful relationship led to another, and another. Through people who shared the same passion and interests, I learnt about things that were right for my personal path to happiness and inner peace. 

If you only have 5 minutes for cultivating happiness today, make time to reflect on relationships in your life:

  1. Who are you grateful for?
  2. Who can you always turn to for support?
  3. Who is a drain of positive energy?

Spend more time with (1) and define boundaries with (3). If you struggle to find an answer to (2), make that first step outside your immediate circle.

It is no coincidence that the Museum of Happiness is ultimately a community, as its greatest fans attest. Help us bring more and more people into this loving circle by visiting our crowdfunding page.