Community Nights
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Community Nights


About the Event

Every month for our Community Nights we are going to bring you our HAPPY WORLD programme, which centres around The Science of Happiness and our 10 Habits of Happiness.

The Science of Happiness is the ground-breaking science of positive psychology, which explores the roots of a happy and meaningful life.

We become what we do everyday. And our habits determine our everyday actions. If you can learn how you can cultivate positive habits and reduce the unhelpful ones, you’ll find your overall wellbeing increase. You are then able to help others to find happiness without draining your own inner resources, which can so often happen.

Discover how cutting-edge research on happiness can be applied to your life!

Flow of the Event

7:00PM: arrive and get settled in.

7:30PM: a Happy World presentation by Shamash Alidina (Shamash is co-founder of the Museum of Happiness, author of the bestselling Mindfulness for Dummies and international keynote speaker)

8:00PM: a group exercise to engage with some of the most practical lessons from this science and to implement the skills.

8.30PM: vegan community co-created dinner and socialising. If you feel moved to contribute to the community vegan potluck dinner, you can do so by bringing along a main dish, side dish, dessert or drink of your choice-this is an invitation and not an expectation.

9.30PM: home time.


There is no charge for this event, it is offered as a gift and people are invited to donate to the Museum in order to help others attend some of our other paid events. To reserve a space at a Community event and/or to donate please click here.

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