Hello there! We're a non-profit who loves to share the art and science of happiness in fun and playful ways. 

Our events and workshops are open to people of all ages and backgrounds, so that we can explore happiness and well-being together. We know it's a much easier journey when you have great company!

We've built a community of amazing people who share our values of kindness, creativity, kindness and community, so come and join us! 

You can do this through one of our events, through training with us, through having us visit you at work, or through contributing your time or donations! 

A community grows in different ways. You can choose to donate us some of your free time or, if that’s not possible to you, support us to keep our Museum by donating on a monthly basis.

We accept all donations, irrelevant of size - your morning coffee, a quick lunch, or a good dinner.