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Live, Love and Laugh! A Workshop on Mindfulness, Self-Love and Laughter

It's Valentines Week.

So...what better way to celebrate your single, married or whatever life with some meditation, self-compassion and laughter yoga!

We will have a fantastic workshop with self-love practices and laughter yoga with the lovely Mel Bloch, and a lovely relaxing guided mindfulness meditation with author Shamash Alidina. The evening will finish with some delicious indian dal and rice, and you're invited to bring along a vegan snack, drink, dish or just some fruit or veg we could share. Thank you!

All are welcome. Whether this is your first time or you're a regular. We welcome everyone to this event.

Why come along?

Making new friends is always nice. Spending time cultivating self-compassion and self-love is great for health and happiness - perhaps one of the best things you can do for yourself. This workshops ticks the boxes of many of our 10 habits of happiness. So if you're coming, well done you.

Plan for Evening

7 pm - Arrival and sign in

7.15 pm - A short talk and guided mindfulness meditation and some silent time for you to recharge and relax. We have cosy cushions, chairs and blankets you are free to use! By Mindfulness author, Shamash Alidina

7.45pm - A guided experience of self-love and laughter yoga with therapist, teacher and laughter yoga expert, Melanie Bloch.

8.45pm - Share a vegan potluck meal together and socialise with your new friends

9.30 pm - Home time!

Vegan Potluck Co-creation

If you feel moved to contribute to the community vegan potluck dinner, you can bring along a main dish, side, dessert or drink of your choice - thanks so much! (The more the merrier, any food left over will be shared with the homeless on the way home) :-)

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Sending love and gratitude x