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The Science of Habits for a Happier Life

Welcome to a new series of monthly talks on different aspects of the science of happiness.

We will start with our co-founder Shamash Alidina sharing the science of habits for a happier life and happier world. How important are habits for your happiness? Why do we all know the importance of good sleep, exercise and eating healthily, and yet don't manage to stick to our good intentions?
Is there an easy way to set habits for happiness?

You'll Discover:

  • Why positive habits are vital for health and wellbeing

  • The importance of starting with TINY HABITS

  • The 4 stages of habit creation

  • How habits link to happiness

  • Some tips on starting your own tiny habits for happiness and wellbeing

Plan for the Evening:

7 pm - Arrival and sign in

7.15 pm - Some guided meditation and some silent time for you to recharge and relax

7.30pm - A presentation and Q and A on the Science of Habits for Happiness by author and Museum of Happiness co-founder Shamash Alidina

8.30pm - Share a vegan potluck meal together and socialise

9.30 pm - Home time!

Vegan Potluck Co-creation:

If you feel moved to contribute to the community vegan potluck dinner, you can bring along a main dish, side, dessert or drink of your choice - thanks so much! (The more the merrier, any food left over will be shared with the homeless on the way home) :-)

About the Speaker:

Shamash has been teaching mindfulness to children and adults for over 20 years. He is international bestselling author of the Mindfulness For Dummies series and The Mindful Way through Stress. He frequently pops up in newspapers, magazines and on radio shows including the BBC and Sky News. He's founder of the world's first Museum of Happiness, who's events have been seen by over 1 million people online. He holds a Masters degree in Chemical Engineering and an MA in Education. He is a Facebook Fellow in the Facebook Community Leadership program (top 100 community leaders in the world).