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Community Circle

Every month, our community comes together to meditate, share whatever is on our minds and hearts and enjoy a vegan meal together.

All are welcome. Whether this is your first time or you're a regular. We welcome everyone to our events!

Talking with others and making a contribution with your ideas or time is good for your wellbeing and happiness. So come along and let's enjoy some nice, relaxing time together. A more 'conscious' way to spend a Friday night.

Plan for Evening

7 pm - Arrival and sign in

7.15 pm - Some guided meditation and some silent time for you to recharge and relax. We have cosy cushions, chairs and blankets you are free to use. We may also have a reading or poem to reflect on.

7.45pm - Sharing circle. An opportunity to mindfully listen to others and share whatever is on your mind and heart. You don't have to share - you can just listen if you wish.

8.45pm - Share a vegan potluck meal together and mindfully socialise

9.30 pm - Home time!

Vegan Potluck Co-creation

If you feel moved to contribute to the community vegan potluck dinner, you can bring along a main dish, side, dessert or drink of your choice - thanks so much! (The more the merrier, any food left over will be shared with the homeless on the way home) :-)

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If you make a donation and can no longer make it, we offer refunds up to 1 day before this event. So do consider making a little contribution if you can afford it, and get a refund if you wish and change your mind. Thank you for your support! The money you give helps to keep our events accessible for those who can't afford it. The events costs around £5-£10 per person depending on how many contribute.

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