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Slow Stitch Workshop

SLOW STITCH is a mindful and contemplative stitching as a way to engage with the textile art within us in a creative and reflective way. The workshop will be led by Yvonne Fuchs, artist and Museum of Happiness advisor.

It can become a gentle practice to connect you to the present moment, where you reuse old materials and make something beautiful or useful out of them.

Slow Stitch allows you to SLOW down in a hectic world and take pleasure in simple stitches and simple processes.

Yvonne created this workshop a few years ago to bring accessible textile experiences to a range of audiences that also has a mindful content to support those who feel the need to slow down and support their mental health.

Beginners are most welcome as the work is based on using a basic running stitch on readily available used fabrics.

Those with experience of making textiles, at whatever level, will also enjoy it as it adds another reflective dimension to sewing or embroidery.

Yvonne will teach some contemplation and mindful ways of being, alongside the techniques and style of this movement in textiles. For short periods during our sessions we will enjoy stitching in silence to experience the act of stitching, rather than thinking about stitching.

This work reflects the textiles of India and Bangladesh in Kantha work and Japanese Boro mending, so has many multi-cultural links.

This workshop will not be prescriptive but will be run in the way Yvonne has always taught in art school and adult education - allowing for personal idea, development and experimentation.

Yvonne will teach some basic techniques and then encourage you to make an artwork using those skills you have enjoyed the most.

It’s all in a running stitch. Experiencing the thread and fabric.

Participants will be encouraged to experience stitching in a slow reflective manner and to explore the physical and visual sensations of stitching.

This is a non-competitive environment where the process is as much a part of the journey as the end result.

You can continue to develop the technique at home. This is not just for women, many men love these processes (remember tailors were often men!)

Materials Required

• Notebook pencil/pen.

• Basic sewing kit , scissors , thread and embroidery cotton, and needles if you have them but we I’ll provide these too

• Plain/simple base fabrics. I suggest denim, maybe an old pair of jeans you’d like to repurpose

• I can provide sewing and fabric supplies, but students often like to work on cloth that is meaningful to them, which they can bring along.

I encourage sharing and swapping of materials.


“I started slow stitch as a way to extend my artistic practice and experiment working with fabric and stitching. However, what started out as an experiment of medium also resulted in a deeper contemplation of my life and self. I was inspired by the sheer beauty of imperfections and "accidents" which resulted from some pieces, a mindful and life-affirming journey. “ Tony - Yvonne's Recent Student

Plan for Evening

7 pm - Arrival and sign in

7.15 pm - Short guided meditation and some silent time for you to recharge and relax. We have cosy cushions, chairs and blankets you are free to use. We may also have a reading or poem to reflect on.

7.30pm - Slow stitch workshop

8.45pm - Share a vegan potluck meal together and mindfully socialise

9.30 pm - Home time!

Vegan Potluck Co-creation

If you feel moved to contribute to the community vegan potluck dinner, you can bring along a main dish, side, dessert or drink of your choice - thanks so much! (The more the merrier, any food left over will be shared with the homeless on the way home) :-)

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If you make a donation and can no longer make it, we offer refunds up to 1 day before this event. So do consider making a little contribution if you can afford it, and get a refund if you wish and change your mind. Thank you for your support! The money you give helps to keep our events accessible for those who can't afford it. The events costs around £5-£10 per person depending on how many contribute.

About Yvonne Fuchs

Yvonne is an artist as well as a small business coach, and had been teaching art and textiles in different contexts for over 40 years. Yvonne was even head of an art school, and has published the book The Art of Knowing Yourself

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