The Happy Grads Support Network

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At the Museum of Happiness, we know the importance of having a support network around us, being a part of a diverse community, and the value of continued learning and development. We believe that together we are each other’s best resource and it’s really essential - especially when we're sharing happiness, energy and care with others - that we are practising what we preach with self-care. We know it’s important to have a platform where we can share openly and honestly to keep our energy levels and well-being sustained, so that we can continue being a source of love, patience and wisdom for others.

Join Museum of Happiness co-founder Vicky or colleagues, guests and other happiness graduates each month to explore the different HAPPY WORLD themes in more depth! We’ll check our “internal weather”, meditate together, share what’s going well and the challenges, and receive support from Vicky and the rest of the group.

We are excited that as well as the monthly video conferencing from the comfort of our own homes, there will also be in the invitation to 1 in person gathering in London (which we will stream, for those of you unable to attend in person).

At the Museum of Happiness, we believe that the following practices contribute to a happy inner world and outer world.

The HAPPY WORLD themes are as follows:

  • 1. Happy Healthy Habits - Exploring the importance of sleep, exercise and our eating and drinking habits. Discover the power of tiny habit change and how it can revolutionise our lives.

  • 2. Appreciation and Gratitude - Recognising what’s going well and what you’re grateful for everyday changes how you see the world - and makes you happier!

  • 3. Purpose and Meaning - It can feel tough to know what direction to go in sometimes. Knowing our purpose means we can take aligned action, which gives our lives meaning.

  • 4. Play and Creativity - Do you make time to have fun? We’re all still a little kid inside, no matter how big or old we are. Letting our inner child play and create things is a proven stress-reliever!

  • 5. You and the World - Being in nature and being kind to the environment has a huge effect on our health and wellbeing. Learn the power of “green prescriptions”

  • 6. Wisdom and Wonder - We all have a wise inner voice, and being in a state of wonder means we’re more open, creative and able to hear both its wisdom and the wisdom of others.

  • 7. Observe and be Mindful - Taking a slow, deep breath and noticing what’s going on inside us helps us to respond to life more wisely. And it’s a portable skill you can use to lower your stress levels!

  • 8. Relationships Matter - No-one is an island. We all need other people, and they need us, too. Happy and healthy connections with loved ones and friends boost our mood - and our immune systems!

  • 9. Love and Self-Compassion - We believe love makes the world go round! But to love others deeply, it helps if we love ourselves, too - especially the parts of ourselves we find difficult to like, let alone love.

  • 10. Direction and Values - Having goals in life which reflect what’s important to us means we give each day our all. And knowing our values helps us to navigate life’s opportunities and storms more wisely.

  • 11. Theme chosen by you

  • 12. Theme chosen by you

General Flow of Video Conference Calls:

  • 1 min of silence to hit the pause button

  • Internal weather check-in to go inwards

  • Guided meditation to top-up on self-care

  • Share theory, practice and latest research on the chosen theme

  • Explore what’s going well and what the challenges are

  • Receive support from Vicky and the group

  • Setting intentions for the month ahead

  • 1 min of silence to close the call peacefully

The support and opportunities you’ll receive are as follows:

  • 12 1.5 hour learning and support sessions with Vicky and the Happy Grads alumni

  • 1 x in-person event for graduates held at a London location

  • 2 x 1:1 coaching sessions over video conferencing call (usually valued at £150 per session)

  • Continued learning and support from experts and peers

  • The latest science of happiness and practices

  • Networking opportunities 

  • A private managed Facebook Group 

  • The ongoing support of the Museum of Happiness and a loving community.

Our first virtual meeting will be on: Tuesday 3rd September at 7pm-8.30pm

And our end of year in person gathering with be Saturday 5th September 2020

The investment for you and the people you are sharing happiness with:

  • For £30 a month you will receive the support of a loving community, which is priceless in our eyes.

  • As a not-for-profit social enterprise, your £30 a month contribution helps and supports the continuation of the wonderful work of the Museum of Happiness spreading happiness and self-care to those who need it the most.