Welcome to a HAPPY WORLD

Happy World Model

We all want to be happy, but when we feel overwhelmed, sad or confused it can feel hard to know what to focus on. So we’re making it easy for you!

Each letter in the words HAPPY WORLD stands for something which will make you feel better. They will make the world we live in a happier place, too!

From February we’re going to dive into a letter a month, and offer a simple action to put it into practise. We love sharing the art and science of happiness with you, so tell us how you’re taking part with the hashtag #happyworld2019

H is for - Happiness is a skill and a habit

Did you know that being happy is a skill you can learn? Doing something small and consistently can create big positive changes.

A is for - Appreciation and gratitude

Recognising what’s going well and what you’re grateful for every day changes how you see the world - and makes you happier!

P is for - Purpose and meaning

It can feel tough to know what direction to go in sometimes. Knowing our purpose means we can take aligned action, which gives our lives meaning.

P is for - Playfulness and creativity

Do you make time to have fun? We’re all still a little kid inside, no matter how big or old we are. Letting our inner child play and create things is a proven stress-reliever!

Y is for - You and your environment

What’s around is a part of you; you’re no more separate from it than these words are from the page they’re written on. How do you engage with what surrounds you, both near and far?

W is for - Wisdom and wonder

We all have a wise inner voice, and being in a state of wonder means we’re more open, creative and able to hear both its wisdom and the wisdom of others.

O is for - Observe and be mindful

Taking a slow, deep breath and noticing what’s going on inside us helps us to respond to life more wisely. And it’s a portable skill you can use to lower your stress levels!

R is for - Relationships

No-one’s an island. We all need other people, and they need us, too. Happy and healthy connections with loved ones and friends boost our mood - and our immune systems!

L is for - Love and self compassion

We believe love makes the world go round! But to love others deeply, it helps if we love ourselves, too - especially the parts of ourselves we find difficult to like, let alone love.

D is for - Direction and values

Having goals in life which reflect what’s important to us means we give each day our all. And knowing our values helps us to navigate life’s opportunities and storms more wisely.

So here’s to a HAPPY WORLD in 2019 - together!

Packages of Hope for the Homeless

Last night 35 people came together to co-create packages of hope for the homeless. Including warm clothes, food, a list of local services they can get help and support from and a hand written letter of hope. We were delighted to be joined by 3 children and our hearts were warmed by the stories of connection and moments of transformation expressed by everybody involved.

One lady was moved to tears from her experiences giving her packages of hope. ‘I was a little nervous at first and then I realised this person is no different from me. They treated me with so much kindness and I felt we really connected on a human to human level’. ‘The homeless were grateful to feel that somebody in this world cared, one man expressed how he found a suit in a charity shop and now people were treating him with so much more respect as result’

The homeless people shared stories of their faith and the biggest running theme was that, they were NOT going to give up hope! ‘We have to keep going, things have to get better!’
The community came together at the end of the night and shared the following reflections …

🙏 The more we can bridge the gap between ‘us and them’ we realise we are all just human and we must do our best to support one another as humans.

❤ Although it might feel really scary to push ourselves out of our comfort zone and approach homeless people, you soon realise that’s just our fear of rejection coming into play and actually once you push through that and realise it’s just about being kind with no expectation, that really helps you to be able to give and connect from the heart with no agenda.

💕 The giver and receiver dynamic quickly becomes one, as everybody involved feels moments of connection and we never know what those seeds of love, connection and hope can lead too.

🙏 It can be hard knowing what to do which such a systemic problem as homelessness, so often we turn a blind eye, not because we don’t care, more because we just don’t know what to do.

💜 We have put a few suggestions and we welcome all your suggestions too of how we can help and support as best we can.

❤ The feedback we’ve had from the homeless is how much they appreciate people stopping, asking them their name, shaking their hand, showing an interest in them as a person- as this helps them to feel human again.

With this Brighter Tomorrow Map you can type in the location of the person and find out their local support services for them E.g Advice, shelter, free hot meal or drink: brightertomorrowmap.com. Asking them if they’d like you to register them with Street Link or not. Street link is a not for profit organisation that register the homeless with the local authorities and have an outreach team who will check on them and try and get them the support they need: www.streetlink.org.uk

Last week was a labour of love of many heads, hearts and hands. Deep gratitude to everybody involved! :-D x

Screenshot 2018-12-20 at 11.03.33.png

How we spent World Kindness Day

Happy News!

Last week it was World Kindness Day and we had the honour and privilege of sharing kindness with the children and teachers of Stagg Lane School. We were amazed with the wisdom and compassion that came from the children, just 9 years old “the bullies who are being unkind, probably need even more kindness as they are probably hurting inside because people have been unkind to them”. We explored how kindness is like a super power and we all have the power to spread kindness wherever we go, it could be as simple as a smile or giving somebody your full attention. Together we launched a 7 day kindness challenge, exploring how we can be kinder to ourselves, others and the planet.

kindfulness challenge 2018.PNG

What we've been up to?

Last Friday we were joined by two very special guests from California: Anne and Rajesh. As a labour of love, they created the inspiring documentary called “Teach Me To Be Wild: Hurt Children and their Animal Healers”. This documentary is a gift to the world and you are able to watch it here on Karmatube.


What's coming up?

We have 2 events in December in Shoreditch, and are excited to be launching our full event programme in the new year.

7th Dec 7.30pm-9.45pm 

We have our first Awakin Circle at our new home at 42 Acres.

awakin circle.PNG

14th Dec- 7.30pm-9.45pm For our festive party, we will be exploring self-care, gratitude, meaning and making packages of hope to give out to the homeless.


Good news! 

Our 2 day facilitator training has sold out for 2nd March, so we have an extra date here.

“Happy teachers change the world” Thich Nhat Hanh

Happy news from the Museum of Happiness

Last year we had the pleasure of meeting Sister Lucy at a special Awakin gathering in Pimlico. We were so inspired by her love and compassion, that when faced with challenging situation we would often find ourselves asking “what would Sister Lucy do?” Which would guide us to respond with love.

Last week we had the honour and privilege of spending 2 days with her in California. It was a dream come true and a real “pinch ourselves’ moment getting to spend time with one of our real life heroins!

Sister Lucy, the Mother Teresa of Pune has opened 46 centres, providing love and support for some of the most vulnerable people in India, including orphans, the mentally and physically unwell, abused women, drug and alcohol addicts and the elderly.

Sister Lucy risks her life to go and collect vulnerable people and takes care of them. The homes are called Maher, which means ‘Mothers Love”. For more information and videos about her journey and amazing work, see this beautiful dialogue between Sister Lucy and Nipun Mehta- founder of Service Space.

We were blown away by Sister Lucy’s love, joy, playfulness, compassion, resourcefulness and humility and feel extremely moved to support her labour of love however we can. Sister Lucy is an embodiment of love and peace and inspires us sooooo much, so we asked her if she would be a patron of the Museum of Happiness and she said... yes, providing we come and visit Maher for their 25th birthday...to which we jumped for joy and accepted the invitation! :-)

Share the Science of Happiness

Sharing the science of happiness in communities, schools, workplaces and beyond truly has been a dream come true for us and we feel really passionately about helping others to do the same. As the Dalai Lama said, the best way to be happy is to help others to find happiness. And we really feel that in our hearts.

So we’ve put together a brand new two-day programme, where we explore the science and art of happiness in playful ways together and you can get certified to be able to share it with others!

And we strongly agree with Thich Nhat Hanh when he says “happy teachers will change the world”

If you feel called to learn more about happiness for yourself and feel moved to share this with those around you and the world, please do come and join us. Your contribution helps to keep us going too!

>>>> More information here


What We’ve Been Up Too?

We had the honour and privilege of spending the day at the Dharma Realm Buddhist University, based on site at the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas. We visited the girls and boys school and ended the day with story sharing with the university students and the nuns. It was a truly magical day, that started and ended with a big group hug...a day we’ll hold in our hearts forever!

What’s Coming Up?

Friday 16th November

An event with special guests from California for our Community Film Screening of ‘Teach Me To Be Wild: Hurt Children and their Animal Healers”

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World Peace Day Celebration

World Peace Day Celebration

On the 21st of September 2018, over 100 people from all walks of life came together to cultivate world peace! We celebrated with a very special peace concert with the amazing Nimo and a loving-kindness meditation for the world.

We linked up with some incredible young people in Afghanistan who were about to do a “heart march” risking their lives to walk through the dangerous streets of Kabul, with hearts and peace signs standing up for world peace. Our hearts were warmed by their courage and inspired by their outlook, “we are just as likely to die scared in our houses, we have to stand up for what we believe in and march for peace, and if we don't, what message does that send to our younger brothers and sisters!?” Very inspiring young people (who are all safe and leading the way as brave peace warriors)!

All the guests were so inspired by the young people that they wanted to send their support and sent this message of love and encouragement to them!

Heartfelt message to Kabul young people :-)

Two amazing ladies in the community Trishna and Ani (who anchor the Service Space community here in London), who have supported us soooo much on our journeys, surprised us at the end of the event by showing a video capturing all of the magic that we have co-created together this year! Our hearts melted!

Watch the Museum of Happiness Highlights Video:-)

Sharing Love and Peace Globally

The evening before World Peace day, one of our amazing volunteers Ani suggested we get together and make some big heart signs with messages of peace. After the peace concert, the signs were sent to our friends in Spain who had an amazing "heart march" in Burgos city centre, attracting hundreds of people! The march was inspired by Nimo's latest video We Shall Overcome: Love Will Rise Again.

If you are ever in Spain, do go and visit the beautiful community there, they have started a very inspiring ReLOVEution! :-) The gift ecology is very strong there! :-) People have gifted land, so they can have a community kitchen garden and the community have offered up their homes to be used for nourishing community activities and have been named "House of Peace" where people go to meditate and "House of Wellbeing" running a range of weekly wellbeing activities. Very inspiring!

To find out more about gift economy/ giftivism, check out this wonderful talk by Pavi Mehta (who we have the privilege of going to visit in the US next week :-))

global march .PNG

Moving on Party

Thank you to everybody who came to the party! And for those of you that couldn't make it, don't worry there will be plenty more parties to come! :-)

We did a little kindness raffle, giving away gifts and skills like coaching sessions. Our hearts were warmed as members of the community started to auction their amazing skills to raise funds for the MOH. Our hearts melted at the kindness, generosity and the support from the community.

Deep Gratitude to Sarit

Sarit did our Happiness Train the Trainer back in Feb and has been spreading happiness far and wide her whole life and in particular these past months at the MOH. Sarit came on board as our Interim Community Coordinator and kept the happy ship bobbling along, whilst Shamash and I seeked new partnerships and venue opportunities. Without Sarit these past few months would not have been possible! We can’t express enough gratitude for her coming into our lives. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts Sarit for all you have done for the MOH and beyond! :-)

She is now continuing to spread the happiness as a gratitude champion! Yay! Check out more info here! :-)

Exciting News: MOH has been selected for the Facebook Global Communities Fellowship in California!

The Museum of Happiness community has been selected as one of the top 100 in the world out of 46 countries yipeeee! Great work everyone! What we have co-created together is really special, we are so grateful to have such a loving and supportive community! :-) We are off to California to meet other community leaders and receive mentorship for how to co-create more meaningful happy communities all around the globe. Our vision is to have Museum of Happiness communities all over the world and with Facebook’s support this dream is more possible than ever! Eeeeek exciting! :-)

Meet Our New Happiness Mascot: Lola

One of our amazing volunteer, Kevsar, is off traveling for a year and has lent us the beautiful Lola to take good care of while she’s away! How lucky are we! Lola loves cuddles and is an expert in living in the present moment. She lives and breathes the MOH values exceptionally and really looks forward to meeting you all soon! :-)