Sharing and chocolate and kindness...Oh my!

It's been another busy couple of weeks here at the Museum of Happiness. As the weather continues to get colder, we called on a visitor from down under to help brighten things up!

A spot of spring November

Last Saturday we had a volunteer day at the MOH. We kicked off by meditating in silence together followed by a sharing circle. The lovely volunteers then helped us to get the MOH looking extra special ready for the exciting things ahead! Big thanks to all the amazing volunteers who gave up their Saturday and so much of their love!

Our first ever kangaroo-led sharing circle at the MOH...

Our first ever kangaroo-led sharing circle at the MOH...

Charlie's Immersive Chocolate Experience

On Saturday evening we had a very special event! We hosted an enchanting pay-it-forward immersive chocolate experience by The Well-bean Company. It was such a beautiful evening rich with community, love and chocolate!

People of all ages and all walks of life were dining together, seated around one enormous table. There were guests who'd been living on the streets not that long ago, college students and even some people who came by themselves in the hope of meeting some new friends! Many remarked that the occasion had the feeling of a magical family Christmas which was really wonderful to hear!

Charlie Claydon kicks off proceedings at the Immersive Chocolate Experience

Charlie Claydon kicks off proceedings at the Immersive Chocolate Experience

Huge thanks to our amazing chocolatier Charlie Claydon - we are so proud of what he's achieved! This was all just an idea a few months ago and now he's launching his very own vegan chocolate company with proceeds supporting mental health organisations. Big heartfelt thanks to all the amazing volunteers who welcomed and served our guests with so much love! They even dressed up as mystical characters to make it all that little bit more special!

It was lovely to see the guests' faces as they opened letters written by those who had sat before them, informing them that their beautiful dining experience was a gift that they had paid it forward for! We then collected some incredibly generous donations that will enable us to gift the same experience to the next group of diners. Wonderful to see pay it forward in action. It was such a magical evening that nourished not only our tummies, but our hearts and souls as well!

A World Kindness Day with a difference!

On Monday we celebrated World Kindness Day and kicked off our first ever kindness contest on social media with our new friend the Kindness Kangaroo! We spent some time out and about in Camden spreading random acts of kindness.

The Kindness Kangaroo helps to lead a street-side yoga class

The Kindness Kangaroo helps to lead a street-side yoga class

There were hugs, high fives and compliments aplenty followed by some pop-up yoga and a pavement party! Our lovely friend and volunteer, James Light, was on hand with his camera to capture the action. You can watch how it all unfolded right here on Facebook. The contest is still in full swing and has already been viewed by upwards of 15,000 people. It's not too late to join in and help make this the kindest November on record! 

The MOH team were in action with their own personal acts of kindness. Rosa snuck into Arlington House before people started work to leave them gifts of flowers, nice messages and sweets; Shamash made a free Facebook video about Wabi Sabi - the beauty of imperfection; Vicky left a supply of 20 grateful messages for her housemate to find; and James upstaged the lot of them by paying it forward at a coffee shop on the way in to work. Later on we joined our amazing friends from The Kindness Cafe on the Southbank, giving out free hugs, free yoga, meditation, high fives and good vibes!

In the evening we teamed up with Just Breathe London to run a special edition of Quiet Club. We meditated in silence together, had hot chocolate and then made origami hearts with nice messages inside to hand out in public.

Thank you to everyone who's made the last couple of weeks at the MOH so special. We wouldn't be where we are today without the love, energy and creativity of our community.

Lots of love and smiles,

The MOH Team