Stress Management and Resilience


Is your team or organisation under a bit too much stress?

Stress is a serious issue in the workplace and research shows it’s the number one reason for absenteeism, lack of productivity and illness.

Our very popular stress management and resilience program can help your team to:

- Feel more focused and in control
- Be more collaborative and positive
- Come up with more creative solutions to challenges


Our training includes:

- Understanding the science of stress
- Exploring ways to turn bad stress into good stress
- Mini Mindfulness and relaxation techniques
- Lots of short exercises you can do to manage your stress effectively


Short or long-term solutions

Our short term fix is a 60-90 minute workshop either in your location or ours.

Our long-term solution starts with a weekly 6-week course, which staff find engaging, fun and sometimes life-changing.


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