Part-Time Events Manager

Temporary Contract Role: 6-months (mid February to mid August 2019)


About Museum of Happiness

We believe in a happier, kinder and more playful world.

At its core, the Museum of Happiness is a community of kind people that take the science of happiness and make it fun and accessible for all, mainly through in-person events, courses and meetups.


This is a part-time role with a requirement to be available on-site 3 Friday evenings per month for events in London (usually Shoreditch) and possibly one morning event per month. The remaining work can be done remotely.

£30k pro rata. 8 hours per week. So you’d receive £500 per month.

We hope to increase the number of hours as and when our funding grows, so there is scope for growth in the role with the right candidate.


We are looking for someone with experience in organising a range of events for communities and corporate, and working with our small team of staff and volunteers. You have excellent listening and communication skills, and are willing to be flexible with any last-minute changes that come up from time to time in a small and growing organisation.

You’re highly organised and understand the needs to develop and work within systems and processes to be successful. You are able to work under pressure to meet deadlines and are focused, efficient and enjoyable to work with. You are comfortable using online programs like Google Docs and Google Sheets, and managing events online in places like Eventbrite and doing basic website updates from time to time. You are able to look at analytics and adjust event designs. You have a positive attitude but also willing to learn from mistakes and feedback.

You are passionate about making the world a happier, kinder and more playful place. You’re happy working 8 hours per week and may be interested in more as we grow. Your values are strongly in-line with ours at the Museum of Happiness. This is vital.

Vision and Mission

Our vision is to serve all living beings to help them find deep happiness. Our mission is to educate and practice, with our visitors, staff members and volunteers, the art and science of happiness. And to practice what we preach!


Our core values are:

  • Being kind to ourselves and others

  • Encouraging creativity and playfulness

  • Nurturing community

  • Encouraging stillness to raise awareness

  • Practicing and sharing gratitude

  • Having a sense of service

  • To reflect and take small steps to improve everyday

  • Value scientific research

About the Museum of Happiness and Your Role

This is a unique opportunity to join the co-founders and a small and passionate team in the world’s first Museum of Happiness.

We’ve been fortunate enough to have had national media coverage and even had a visit from the Minister of Happiness from the UAE. We’ve been covered on Sky TV and the BBC and have been selected by Facebook as one of the top 100 communities in the world with potential for growth and meaningful impact. We are currently in the Facebook Community Leadership Program - the highest level community program Facebook offers.

We have a vision of a thriving community at the Museum of Happiness with a wide range of activities attracting a diverse group of people from near and far. At the core of our events would be a group of keen volunteers, practising what we preach, and welcoming visitors and feeling valued by all. The events are based on the science of happiness and our HAPPY WORLD model, and run by leading teachers from London and beyond. We want our events to be light-hearted, warmly welcoming and fun!

We want to empower people with wellbeing skills so they are less likely to suffer the challenges of anxiety and depression due to their resilience through a wide range of wellbeing strategies they can pick and choose from.

This is a part-time role with a high level of autonomy and responsibility. Overall, an ability to build excellent relationships across various communities, offices, and sectors, as well as the experience and ability to take ownership of this role is crucial.


  • Develop a program of weekly events for our Museum of Happiness Friday nights, currently at 42 Acres in Shoreditch.

  • Develop an additional program of events (perhaps on a monthly basis) based on the topic of Happiness at Work or similar.

  • Create a positive relationship with our volunteers, and draw ideas from our online and offline community for content for events.

  • Develop event strategies that are tailored to our target audience(s)

  • Generate new sponsorship revenue for events

  • Manage, design and produce all event-related materials

  • Market our events, and as we grow, work with our marketing team on this

  • Balance the need for accessibility with financial sustainability in developing a pricing structure for our events.

  • ‘Hold the space’ for our weekly events, or ensure there is someone competent to do that to ensure the events run smoothly and have a set structure.

  • Develop partnerships with other organisations and consider co-hosting events to help draw new people and sell out events.

  • Build relationships with outstanding teachers in London, and make the Museum of Happiness a place for leading teachers to access a diverse and vibrant audience.

  • Enable a positive experience for volunteers, perhaps through weekly or fortnightly video calls, including some mindfulness and gratitude practices and pre-meetings before events.

  • Attend and feedback at weekly meeting with key team members.

  • Lead organiser for larger, creative events including Winter Happiness Festival 2020, International Day of Happiness 2019 and other key events in our calendar.

  • Upload events into Eventbrite, Facebook Event link, and other popular Event Marketing platforms to market our events.

  • Work towards selling out our events through creative marketing approaches.

  • Compiling programme feedback and sharing event recaps with the team.

How to apply:

To apply, send a CV & cover letter to us by email, stating why you are a good fit for this role.

Use subject ‘Event Manager’ in your email.

Email: shamash(at)

Deadline to apply: 12pm on Tuesday 12 February 2019