Want an experienced team to bring more happiness and wellbeing to your organisation?

We are very experienced in working in a range of organisations at all levels from staff away days to senior management teams.

We’re worked with:

  • Startups like Brainlabs and YuLife

  • Government organisations like HM Government law teams, the British Army (teaching kindness there!) and the NHS

  • Corporates like the Bank of America, Facebook and J.P. Morgan.

3 Ways to Bring Happiness to Your Organisation

  • A 2-hour Introductory Workshop (or similar) introducing your organisation to skills like gratitude, self-compassion and mindfulness

  • One of our 10 Workshops based on the Science of Happiness

  • Our Chief Happiness Officer training program, training you to bring happiness into your organisation through our train the trainer program

Choose from our 10 Workshops on the Science of Happiness at Work

Want details of our 10 Original ‘Museum of Happiness at Work’ Workshops based on the Science of Happiness?

The topics have been approved by the University of East London Centre for Positive Psychology.

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