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We believe in a happier, kinder and more playful world!

We believe in a kinder, happier, more playful world for all


What We Do

The Museum of Happiness is a non-profit organisation that provides an experiential adventure, where people of all ages and backgrounds can learn more about the essence of happiness and well-being.

Through a variety of interactive experiences, workshops and events, we offer science-based techniques that people can implement in their everyday lives.

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Every month we share a story of people finding happiness through positive psychology and mindfulness. We hope by sharing these stories we can help spread the awareness of the benefits and life changing experiences from learning and practicing positive psychology.


Our Impact

Poor mental health has been a known issue for many years, with societies facing increasingly poor levels of mental health and desperately inadequate resources within the health sector to meet needs. The waiting time to see a therapist in the UK can be many months, and then the number of sessions is often just a handful. Combined with increases levels of stress, loneliness, negative media press coverage, an ever present stigma for mental health issues and lack of funding for community initiatives, these are challenging times seeking creative and radical solutions The World Health Organisation states depression is one of the leading cause of disability worldwide with globally 300 million people suffering from depression.

The Museum of Happiness offers the public tools to become happier based on the 20+ years of research on positive psychology. We increase happiness and wellbeing in communities, organisations, and individuals, resulting in an increase in resilience and a reduction in the chances of depression.

Our events around happiness have gone viral suggests a deep calling for what we have to offer. Over 90% of visitors to the Museum are not aware aware of the science of happiness and that happiness is a skill that they can learnt. We are grateful to say that in four years we have helped over 15,000 people learn about the science of happiness, co-creating a happier, kinder world together.



community Events organised

We have organised 400+ in-person events in London, UK, as well as launching three large scale Winter Happiness Festivals (on blue Monday), attracting thousands of people and educating the public on happiness skills.



Years Serving communities

We run weekly gifted events at the Museum of Happiness and have built up a core community across London.



Impacted attendees

As of 2018 we have helped over 15,000 people become aware of and learn about the science of happiness and mindfulness.


“Happiness does not come ready made. It comes through your own actions" - Dalai Lama