Welcome to a HAPPY WORLD

Happy World Model

We all want to be happy, but when we feel overwhelmed, sad or confused it can feel hard to know what to focus on. So we’re making it easy for you!

Each letter in the words HAPPY WORLD stands for something which will make you feel better. They will make the world we live in a happier place, too!

From February we’re going to dive into a letter a month, and offer a simple action to put it into practise. We love sharing the art and science of happiness with you, so tell us how you’re taking part with the hashtag #happyworld2019

H is for - Happiness is a skill and a habit

Did you know that being happy is a skill you can learn? Doing something small and consistently can create big positive changes.

A is for - Appreciation and gratitude

Recognising what’s going well and what you’re grateful for every day changes how you see the world - and makes you happier!

P is for - Purpose and meaning

It can feel tough to know what direction to go in sometimes. Knowing our purpose means we can take aligned action, which gives our lives meaning.

P is for - Playfulness and creativity

Do you make time to have fun? We’re all still a little kid inside, no matter how big or old we are. Letting our inner child play and create things is a proven stress-reliever!

Y is for - You and your environment

What’s around is a part of you; you’re no more separate from it than these words are from the page they’re written on. How do you engage with what surrounds you, both near and far?

W is for - Wisdom and wonder

We all have a wise inner voice, and being in a state of wonder means we’re more open, creative and able to hear both its wisdom and the wisdom of others.

O is for - Observe and be mindful

Taking a slow, deep breath and noticing what’s going on inside us helps us to respond to life more wisely. And it’s a portable skill you can use to lower your stress levels!

R is for - Relationships

No-one’s an island. We all need other people, and they need us, too. Happy and healthy connections with loved ones and friends boost our mood - and our immune systems!

L is for - Love and self compassion

We believe love makes the world go round! But to love others deeply, it helps if we love ourselves, too - especially the parts of ourselves we find difficult to like, let alone love.

D is for - Direction and values

Having goals in life which reflect what’s important to us means we give each day our all. And knowing our values helps us to navigate life’s opportunities and storms more wisely.

So here’s to a HAPPY WORLD in 2019 - together!