How we spent World Kindness Day

Happy News!

Last week it was World Kindness Day and we had the honour and privilege of sharing kindness with the children and teachers of Stagg Lane School. We were amazed with the wisdom and compassion that came from the children, just 9 years old “the bullies who are being unkind, probably need even more kindness as they are probably hurting inside because people have been unkind to them”. We explored how kindness is like a super power and we all have the power to spread kindness wherever we go, it could be as simple as a smile or giving somebody your full attention. Together we launched a 7 day kindness challenge, exploring how we can be kinder to ourselves, others and the planet.

kindfulness challenge 2018.PNG

What we've been up to?

Last Friday we were joined by two very special guests from California: Anne and Rajesh. As a labour of love, they created the inspiring documentary called “Teach Me To Be Wild: Hurt Children and their Animal Healers”. This documentary is a gift to the world and you are able to watch it here on Karmatube.


What's coming up?

We have 2 events in December in Shoreditch, and are excited to be launching our full event programme in the new year.

7th Dec 7.30pm-9.45pm 

We have our first Awakin Circle at our new home at 42 Acres.

awakin circle.PNG

14th Dec- 7.30pm-9.45pm For our festive party, we will be exploring self-care, gratitude, meaning and making packages of hope to give out to the homeless.


Good news! 

Our 2 day facilitator training has sold out for 2nd March, so we have an extra date here.

“Happy teachers change the world” Thich Nhat Hanh