Big news for the Museum of Happiness


Dear Museum of Happiness Community,

We have some exciting news to share with you.

The Museum of Happiness is moving on from Arlington House in Camden to running events in a new location in East London, a retreat centre Somerset and internationally in the future too!

We’re excited to announce the start of a new partnership with 42 Acres.

About 42 Acres

42 is a movement to consciously create space for connection; to nature, to self, and to each other. With a retreat centre in the countryside of Somerset practicing regenerative agriculture on the land, a transformational coworking and event space in Shoreditch and the call to expand internationally, the vision of the 42 Acres team is to create a world where we embody our true nature.

About our partnership

Here at the Museum of Happiness, we also believe outer change begins within. There’s a great synergy between 42 Acres’ values and mission and our own. We are excited to partner with this incredible organisation and see what emerges!

We love collaboration and we believe together we are stronger than the sum of our parts.

What this means in practice

We will take a break in October to rest and recharge. In November, we will relaunch our Friday night mindfulness community gathering, starting on 2nd November 2018. We’ll share more info about our other upcoming events in Shoreditch soon.

Next year, we will be running lots more events in Shoreditch, launching an exciting new program and hope to offer retreats in Somerset too!

Come join our Moving On Party!

We will have a fun party on Saturday 29th Sept at 7pm. Come join the fun with a gifted ticket, fixed price tickets or donate whatever feels right to you. We hope to see lots of you there!

>> Get Your Moving on Party Ticket <<

Watch this space!

With lots of love and deep gratitude,

Museum of Happiness Family x