Self-compassion September

Hello dear friends,

We have lots of exciting news, content and events to share with you for September. So do cosy up, and have a browse with a smile.

Launching Self-Compassion September

This month we’re launching Self-Compassion September.

Why? Because when we are kind and compassion to ourselves, we’re better able to be kind to others too. And a kinder world is a happier world!

To kick things off, here’s a self-care calendar you can download and print from our friends at Action for Happiness:

self-compassion calendar.JPEG

You can download the calendar as an image file for sharing via social media or as a PDF file for printing out. Please pass it on to others and help to spread the word.

We will be regularly sharing self-compassion tips on our Facebook page too.

Self-Compassion Intensive

At the end of September, we are fortunate to have Kind Mind Academy running a 5 day intensive Mindful Self-Compassion program at the Museum. They’ve trained with Kristin Neff, the scientist who is the world expert on the science of self-compassion. We highly recommend this truly life-changing experience - highly recommended by the museum cofounders, Vicky and Shamash.

If money is a barrier, do get in touch with Kind Mind Academy to see what they can to do support you.

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Peace in Yourself. Peace in the World.

On Wednesday 29th August, the Museum of Happiness hosted our regular Awakin circle, a worldwide (non) movement, where groups of people gather to sit in silence for an hour, listen to a meaningful reading, share their reflections in a circle...then enjoy a light meal together. It happened to be our co-founder Shamash’s birthday, and some of our regulars shared their gratitudes and hugs. And our lovely volunteer Grace baked a delicious vegan carrot cake - hmmm, we loved it!

If you’ve not had the chance to join one of these magical experiences, please do - the atmosphere is nourishing and relaxed, as those in the room, many of whom have never met, sit together - simply a group of hearts coming together to give their energy to uplift humanity.

Happiness for Children's Services

This week, the Museum was invited to work with children's services in north London, to spread happiness to children who suffer so much in their family life.

We are equipping the children with skills to help them as they transition into foster care. We began by simply playing with play-do and doing mini-science experiments. As they began to trust us, we then managed to even do some laughter yoga, and practised listening to a mindfulness bell. One child automatically sat up to meditate, so we joined him and sat in silence for 2 minutes before enjoying some chocolate mindfully. Our friends from the Rap Association came along too, and helped the children to do a positive rap for more peace and love and joy for all.