From Medication To Meditation!

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We are so grateful to share that we recently heard a lovely story from our friends at one of the NHS clinics that serves the residents of Arlington (the homeless hostel situated above the Museum). They popped in to tell us the wonderful news that one of their clients has been empowered to come off her medication due to her experiences at the Museum of Happiness.

We are all so delighted to be part of her success story! May she go from strength to strength!

Reflections from Our Happy Learners!

We are over half way through our Stress Management and Self-Kindness 6 week course, and the energy has been absolutely beautiful so we wanted to share some reflections from our fantastic participants:

Miles: “I’ve never experienced a group dynamic like this. I look forward to it every week and feel at home. I now really feel a part of the Museum. The course is also helping me reinforce positive habits.

Ali echoed these sentiments: “The Museum feels like home.

Natasha: “We check our stress levels every session and it’s good to see them coming down for everyone by the end of each session. The facilitation is compassionate too.

Craig: "It has a real family and homely atmosphere; we’re all included, and the course has a good balance of learning, sharing and interactive content."

Colleen: "The relationship within the group is indescribable. We are totally at ease. We’re all on a journey that seems so right."

This makes us so happy we want to do cartwheels in the street! Our aim is to create a space where people feel free to be themselves, whatever their journey, and to help you all to flourish! It’s you, our wonderful community, that makes the Museum of Happiness the warm and special place that it is - Thank You!

Deep gratitude to Buddha Doodles for their amazing work spreading happiness, their beautiful doodles bring us and so many people so much comfort and joy!

A friendly reminder that Kind Mind Academy are coming to the Museum of Happiness!

Both Co-founders Vicky and Shamash have done this course and hand on heart, it changed their lives! Vicky did the course in June and feels passionately about sharing it with the world. To read her reflections visit here.
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We know the weather may have recently felt challenging and unpredictable, but we like to think of it as a wonderful metaphor for our emotions! Just like the weather, emotions are an amazing part of nature and change often, so we invite you to go with the flow baby! How is your weather today?

We look forward to welcoming you to one of our events soon. Have a great weekend lovely people!

With warm wishes, blessings and smiles,

The Museum of Happiness Family x