A Journey of Inner Service


Recently, I experienced something that changed my life (a bold statement I know).❣

I learnt how to be extra kind to myself!πŸ™
Thanks to 5 days with the amazing Kathryn Lovewell, Liz and Julia at Kindmindacademy.com, we were guided on a very special journey inwards! Self-love is such a powerful tool! I thought I was pretty kind to myself already, however the retreat really opened my eyes and heart to many extraordinary things...

πŸ’œ We are often busy serving other people's needs, but how often do we ask ourselves, β€œWhat do I need to best take care of myself right now?”. I now ask myself this daily!

🌸 Emotions are just visitors that come to the guest house of our hearts. We usually welcome happiness in with open arms, yet often slam the door on sadness, anger and fear, not wanting to hang out with them - they are really just coming to kindly deliver us a message! So let's see if we can be a little bit kinder to sadness and fear when they come knocking and perhaps even invite them in for a cup of tea and work things out together β˜•οΈ

πŸ‘Often we seek love and validation from others and don't always get it! The good news is... we can receive it from ourselves! Let's not wait around for others to give us what we need... let's be there for ourselves and have our own backs!

🌸 Be gentle with yourself, we put so much pressure on ourselves. Let's treat ourselves as a good friend, see ourselves as an important project worthy of time, energy, love and care...as we can't give from an empty cup! Believe me, I've tried... and I can safely say that it doesn't work!
So from now on I'm going to be extra extra extra kind to myself, so that I can continue to serve from a full cup, radiating love from inside out πŸ’“

Thank you Kathryn, Liz and Julie for your amazing MSC labour of love, this stuff is so incredibly powerful and I'm soooo excited to be welcoming Kind Mind Academy to the Museum of Happiness in September to help spread the love further!!!β€οΈπŸ’›πŸ’–πŸ’œπŸ’™πŸ’š


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